Create Effective Compartments and Sections in Your Factories and Warehouses with Polytarps

Commercial factories and warehouses abound throughout Australia. In many cases, these facilities carry out their operations on expansive tracts of land. This is essential because these establishments typically carry out a diverse range of activities. For instance, factories will have people engaged in fieldwork or working in cattle shade structures. They will have people in desk-based jobs as well. Both sets of workers will require different environments. For this, they will naturally work in different buildings. In case certain departments require secluded workspaces, the business owners will partition areas with the help of tarpaulins.

However, in some cases, factory and industry owners will have large plants or warehouses on their properties. Not all of them will be making optimal use of the space available. As such, it is more than likely that large sections or areas in these facilities will lie vacant. As and when required, the factory owners will be able to use these vacant spaces. But, in some cases, they might require creating physical barriers in these vacant spaces. For this, they will not even think of creating permanent structures. Instead, they will prefer relying on polyethylene tarpaulins (or polytarps) for using as poultry curtains or curtain dividers.

For several years, Polytex Tarpaulins has been the supplier of choice when it comes to tarpaulins. Our tarpaulins come into use in a myriad of ways. This is why people in the industrial, mining and agricultural sectors rely on our products at all times. Some farmers utilise our tarps as livestock shade structures for keeping their animals safe. Others keep their agricultural produce safe by using them as bunker tarps. This attests to the versatility of our diverse range of products.

Partitioning a large plant can be quite useful. It can help you make effective utilisation of your available space. At the same time, it can yield smaller workspaces that are more efficient and manageable. Erecting a permanent divider or wall will be costly. It could well be a hindrance too. This is especially so if you require flexibility or if your needs keep changing. To create temporary (or permanent) factory dividers without spending too much, factory and warehouse owners often use tarps. These tarps can enhance safety levels in the partitioned areas. In addition, they can reduce the volume of sound as well to boost the efficiency levels of your workers.

When you purchase polytarps from us, you will come across an extensive range of products. Our fabric wall and divider curtains are a cost-effective solution. They are ideal for use in areas that need partition systems. And, if you use them in enclosures, they make ideal covers for cattle and pig shelters. They can provide effective dust and air control, which is essential for keeping your belongings safe. This is regardless of whether your belongings comprise livestock, hay or crops or expensive machines and equipment.

As mentioned earlier, constructing a permanent wall will be costly. It could consume a lot of time as well. And, if you only require the divider for a few months, a permanent wall could well become an impediment. By using tarps as your industrial curtains, you will not have to spend much money. Tarps are easy to install and remove too. Moreover, in terms of flexibility and versatility, they are second to none. This is why you can consider using them as eco shelters for some time and as grain bunker tarps on other occasions. As divider curtains, these tarps can enhance privacy levels. In addition, they can provide a physical separation without compromising on flexibility or durability.

The tarps we provide serve a myriad of needs. You could use them in aircraft hangars and facilities. Alternatively, you could use them in automotive manufacturing or repair facilities. The durability of our tarps makes them ideal for use in facilities requiring hazardous material control. And, our tarps also come into use in sandblasting and spray painting facilities too.

When you want hay tarps with prompt delivery timelines, think of us. Polytex has state-of-the-art facilities equipped with machines that use cutting-edge technology. This enables us to manufacture more than 15,000 square metres of tarps each day. Ideally situated in the hub of freight lines from Queensland to South Australia, our facilities make it easier for us to ship our products to any corner of the country with minimal fuss. For more information on our shelter covers

Order the Best Custom Tarps Tailored to Suit a Myriad of Requirements and Applications

Tarpaulins are quite handy for a diverse range of applications. Many Australians rely on tarps to protect their cars and Recreational Vehicles (RVs) from the elements. Others use tarps as livestock shade structures. In these situations, tarps play a vital role in keeping the cattle and poultry sheltered and comfortable. Similarly, if you want to cover your swimming pool, you will probably invest in a high-quality tarp.

Tarps offer a lot of versatility. As such, it is hardly a surprise that many industries across the country require high-quality tarps for various applications. This is precisely what Polytex Tarpaulins specialises in. We’re one of Australia’s leading suppliers of big tarpaulins. Our products are suitable for use in all kinds of agricultural, mining and industrial applications. So, whether you require bunker covers for keeping your bulk mulch produce safe or tarps that can act as factory dividers, we can give you exactly what you need.

People in homes and industries will always find a diverse range of ways for using tarps. In many cases, they will be able to use the tarp they currently have for meeting their present requirements. But, this is not always possible. At these times, they might need to look around for a new tarp. Unfortunately, finding the perfect readymade tarp at your local store is not always possible. In cases featuring certain unique requirements, you will typically need to obtain custom tarps. This will invariably necessitate some detailed measurements and expert guidance.

At Polytex Tarpaulins, the quality of our products has contributed immeasurably to our reputation. Our products offer immense versatility. You could use our tarps as poultry curtains. Or, you could use them as truck tarps to keep your cargo and goods safe. But, in some cases, you will require tarps tailored to suit your measurements and requirements. This is where it makes perfect sense to shop with us.

Not only do we have an extensive experience in manufacturing tarps of all kinds of materials and sizes. We specialise in fabricating long, large covers and bulk production runs too. It is worth highlighting that we can manufacture over 15,000 square metres of tarps per day. In addition, we have immense experience in producing tarps suitable for use as cattle shade structures or dam liners. Above all, we can give you the guidance you seek when manufacturing custom tarps. Thus, you can rest assured about getting the best value for your money each time you place your order with us.

Readymade tarps are undoubtedly easy to find. Purchasing them can be even simpler. Depending on your requirements, you could use these tarps as shelter covers for various mining, military, agricultural or industrial purposes. But, you might not always have a situation where a one-size-fits-all approach will work. In such situations, you will need to shop for custom tarps. Custom tarps typically offer higher levels of customisation, tailored to suit your needs perfectly. In addition, they will offer better coverage than readymade tarps as well.

At Polytex, we offer tarps of various shapes and sizes. These are ideal for use as wall dividers or even, as grain bunker tarps. Some tarps can even double up to meet other requirements as well. For instance, you could use our products to cover your swimming pool too. But, if your swimming pool is not rectangular, you will likely require a custom-made tarp. With custom tarps, you can not only select the material of your choice. You can specify any additional requirements as well. For instance, you could opt for tarps that keep out bugs, leaves and other debris, but let the rainwater through. Or, you could opt for tarps that keep the rainwater out too.

If you want the best protection for your vehicle from tree saps, bird droppings and harsh weather conditions, form-fitting tarps will be your best bet. We have extensive experience in providing readymade and custom tarps designed for use as eco shelters and factory curtains. In addition, we can make such tarps in accordance with the make and model of your vehicle.

Custom-made tarps will not flap loosely in the wind. Nor will they sag or leak while in storage. Similarly, custom truck tarps will not only keep your cargo secure. They will be able to resist the constant pull of gravity that they will invariably experience as the trucks move at high speeds uphill, downhill and around curves. We reinforce our tarps with heat-sealed seams, reinforced corners and strategically placed D-rings for additional strength too. This is why our bunker tarps and pig shelters offer years of use.


Polytex Tarpaulins is the name to trust when you require premium-quality tarps. We are the suppliers of choice to several businesses in the agricultural and industrial sectors throughout the country. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities supply grain and hay tarps to each corner of the country. Rely on us to offer quality products and prompt deliveries.

Builder’s Floor Sheets – Affordable, Fast and Reliable Tarp Hire

Builder’s floor sheets are not tarpaulins rather they are watertight welded membrane made as per the size and shape required by the builder. The floor sheets are generally larger sized than the proposed flooring so that the edges can be folded over to provide a waterproof covering.

Builder’s floor sheets shouldn’t ideally be at the site until the old roofing has been completely removed and the new floor fixed. Until the time when potential accidents can cause substantial damage, one should use standard heavy duty tarpaulins which can be easily hired. One must always use high quality Builder’s floor sheets which offers maximum seam strength and abrasion resistance.

The Builder’s floor sheets must be secured once it is unfolded. Also one must tighten the floor sheets across the floor to eliminate any wrinkles or folds. One must also fully batten around the edges to eliminate the chance of wind getting under Builder’s floor sheets.

For more information on floor sheets and tarps, contact Polytex today.

How Can Your Business Benefit From A Temporary Warehousing Space?

Now your business if rapidly growing and require additional storage, temporary warehousing seems to be the most practical solution because it can be customised to suit your needs and budget. If you can’t still make a final decision right now, perhaps the following advantages will convince you.

• Quick installation
One of the biggest advantages of a temporary warehousing space is quick installation. Unlike a traditional warehouse, this temporary storage space solution made from TFS (tension fabric structure) can be quickly installed any time regardless of the site where you want it built or size preference. How is it possible? The installation of a temporary warehousing doesn’t require foundation. As long as you have enough space to accommodate the entire installation can be done immediately. Although, it’s only considered a temporary storage space solution this type of structure can still provide longer years of service depending on the material used. For example, a top quality tension fabric material could last years.

• Flexibility on designs
Designing your temporary warehousing gives you more flexibility when it comes to choices. For example if you want this extension to be well lit, you can opt for a see through (translucent) fabric material. On the other hand, if you are thinking of adding more space in the near future, temporary warehousing can be designed in a modular type wherein you can simply expand and add more sections without have to remove the original structure. In fact, a temporary warehousing space can be removed through use of crane and be relocated to another site as your business grows.

• Protect your business assets
Whether you are into organic farming or poultry raising your fresh produce including your business’ assets can be fully protected from theft issue, vandalism or unpredictable weather condition with the construction of temporary warehousing space. You can have the structure designed with security locks to keep your goods safe and protected. In fact, a customised temporary warehousing can have innovative features like insulation or waterproof to ensure no damage is done to your business assets.

• Cost-effective
Building a temporary warehouse is a cost-effective approach if you don’t have the money to fund a major construction of a permanent warehouse. Besides, permanent warehouses would require acquisition of building permits, payment of taxes and maintenance cost. But, with temporary warehousing, you can choose a type of temporary storage space that answers your space need without having to spend more.

If you are unsure on what type of material would be appropriate for the construction of your temporary warehousing structure book a private meeting with any of Polytex representatives and learn more about their customised packages from temporary storage structures, warehouse divider walls, eco shelters and shelter covers made from top quality tarpaulins.

Truck Tarps Make it Easier to Haul All Kinds of Cargo with Minimal Fuss

Thousands of people throughout the country use tarpaulins to meet various needs. Some people use it to protect their vehicles from the elements. Others use tarpaulins for creating makeshift storage structures for storing a variety of things. In some cases, the structure might be useful for storing machines and equipment. This is especially so if the machines are too large for you to store anywhere else. In other cases, the temporary storage structure might be a cheap and easy way to store your hay, grain or other crops during the harvest season.

Many farmers often use tarpaulins in their livestock shade structures too. Tarpaulins are invaluable when it comes to providing a cost-effective way to shelter your cattle and poultry from the elements. In addition, the tarpaulins can provide comfortable conditions for your livestock – regardless of the weather conditions in the outdoors. However, tarpaulins do not merely serve to protect your poultry and cattle. In the trucking industry, tarpaulins play a vital role in keeping the cargo safe as well.

Truck tarps are essential for all truck owners in the country. These tarpaulins play a vital role in keeping the cargo safe during the transportation process. For instance, if you’re relocating to another place, you will want your belongings to reach their destination in the same condition as when you despatched them. Trucking tarps help truck owners accomplish this objective. However, even if you’re transporting rubbish or waste, having a tarp can make a huge difference. For starters, it could be useful in preventing the waste from scattering throughout the journey. This will not only ensure that the roadsides remain clean and waste-free. In addition, it will keep other vehicles safe as well.

Polytex Tarpaulins is the premier supplier of big tarpaulins in the country. Our products are ideal for use in a myriad of business sectors. In fact, we tailor many of our products to suit the needs of various agricultural, mining and industrial establishments. Our tarpaulins are so versatile that you can use them in any way that you wish. From warehouse divider curtains to eco shelters, they will meet your specific needs perfectly. Unlike other suppliers, we can manufacture tarps based on your specifications  and requirements. Our customised tarps are in great demand in various industries and commercial sectors.


What To Choose ! Tarps Or Sheds In Protecting Hay?

Are you still undecided on the best way to protect your hay against humidity or extreme weather disturbance? If you are making choices between hay tarps or sheds, let me give you further explanation on both options to help you come up with an effective hay coverage solution.

Hay tarps
Hay tarps are made from various materials like plastic, vinyl and polyethylene. Vinyl and polyethylene are a bit expensive as compared to plastic, but can be reused and transported easily. Aside from that, hay tarpaulins made from polyethylene are designed to be efficient in preventing condensation to take place.

Hay sheds
Hay sheds is another option to protect hay against external elements that could cause spoilage such as too much humidity. Hay sheds or commonly referred as barns require building of structures that are fully enclosed. This type of storage solution assures decrease in hay losses for up to 5 percent as compared to temporary sheltering solutions. A well-built hay shed or barn can offer a more secured environment, especially if you will be using it for the storage of your farm equipment units and tools. The cost of building a standard size of shed or barn can be very expensive, but can be considered a long-term investment if you will assess the potential loss of not protecting your hay against destructive elements.

What Should You Do When You Need Agricultural Tarpaulins?

Typically, manufacturers can produce grain bunker tarps based on any specifications. However, they experience peak times during the harvest season. Therefore, if you place your order, when they are at full production, you might experience delays in delivery. Therefore, ensure that you place your order early, to receive your grain storage covers in time.When you need high-quality and durable tarpaulins, get in touch with Polytex Tarpaulins. Since the 1990s, we have been fabricating over 8,000 square metres of fabric daily. In addition, we only use the best available fabrics from Asia, Europe and Argentina. This enables us to give you top quality products at cost effective rates. For a hassle-free experience in the designing, manufacturing and delivery of your taps, call us at 1300 059 003.

Keep Your Agricultural Produce Secure from the Elements with Quality Tarps

X factors are variables that have a significant effect on the outcome of a given situation. In addition, they denote some remarkable features or traits of a product or a business. In a scenario like today, where several businesses offer similar products and services, it can be hard for customers to distinguish one from the other. For example, there might be several manufacturers of tarpaulins throughout the country. Each would be offering quality tarps at great rates. However, not all manufacturers provide the same levels of quality products at affordable rates.

Therefore, many businesses provide a distinguishing trait or feature in their products and services, which make them distinctively different from the other players in the same field. This distinguishing trait (or X-factor) is eventually what drives customers to one brand. This is the case even though there might be several companies operating in the same domain. In the tarp-manufacturing sector, Polytex has the reputation of being a reliable supplier of quality products. Their tarps are so durable and versatile that they come into use across a variety of sectors. This is why several clients, including the Australian Defence Force, rely on Polytex to deliver the goods, when it comes to providing high quality tarpaulins at cost effective rates.

Poultry / Piggery Industries – Reduce your energy consumption with Polytex Tarpaulins

Coming into the winter months both the poultry & pork industry benefits greatly from eliminating unwanted airflows within production areas minimising energy usage & enhancing the growth environment.

Polytex Tarpaulins manufactures many tarps, blinds, tarpaulin covers & liners specifically for the poultry & piggery industries.

These include for poultry – dividers, brooder curtains, thermal & standard side blinds, fan covers, door covers & cool cell covers and for piggeries – shelter covers, end & side blinds, thermal covers, liners & many other tarpaulin & tarp products for the enhancement of growing conditions.

Polytex Tarpaulins supplies the agricultural & industrial tarpaulin requirements of customers Australia wide using ‘state of the art’ manufacturing procedures in their purpose built factories based in the Riverina, the hub of Australia’s freight lines between Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne & Brisbane