Tarpaulin – Care and Maintenance Tips

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2019-01-08

In order to ensure that the tarpaulin covers live a long and useful life, it is important to ensure proper care and maintenance. Unnecessary pressure on either the seams in the material or the eyelets must be avoided. One should also ensure that the tarpaulin covers are not used around sharp objects like tree branches which could cause holes.

One should keep an eye on any friction between the Tarpaulin and the object it covers since excessive friction can cause the Tarpaulin material to wear quickly. Washing instructions need to be carefully followed to ensure longevity of Tarpaulin covers. For a canvas Tarpaulin it is advisable to use a brush with soft bristles to avoid damaging the material.

One should soak a canvas tarpaulin and leave it to dry before using it since canvas can shrink slightly when wet so allowing it to dry would ensure that the tarpaulin cover doesn’t shrink while covering something. Allowing the Tarpaulin cover to dry properly will also ensure that holes around the stitching are closed thereby avoiding any leaks.

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