The Different types of piggery product available at Polytex

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2020-10-09

Polytex offers a range of products from tarpaulins to fabric facades. Additionally, we meet the needs of farmers across Australia through our poultry products, hay tarps, dam liners, shelter covers and even piggery products which I will discuss in detail below.

The welded fabric products Polytex specializes in is essential for specific piggery industry needs. The range of quality products provided is immense and something that should be of interest for any farmer out there.

Below is a lift of many of the piggery products that can be purchased on


Our shelter covers are one of our most innovative piggery products  in the sense that they are eco shelters and do not require significant install times. Additionally, our piggery shelters have the ability to be greatly durable if they are kept tensioned. All shelters are built from various forms of premium fabric and welded to a standard of high quality.

The thermal covers we provide are also of high standard due to the premium fabrics supplied from well-known brands such as Canvacon, Tarpee and landmark variations.

Airflow is another factor that needs to be addressed by every pig farmer. Ventilation tubing solves that problem. Polytex ventilation tubing used in cohesion with fan systems creates significant environmental improvements for your pigs and yourself/workers.

So go online on today to find out more about all the piggery products you can get today to improve your farm!