The versatility of polyethylene fabric!

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2016-06-23

At Polytex, we recognise the versatility of polyethylene fabric. This is why we weld this material seamlessly for creating building lining and covers of all shapes and sizes. Manufacturers of polyethylene fabric add polyethylene to a base of polyester or nylon mesh for creating these durable materials. This fabric is both robust and durable. In addition, it doesn’t stretch either. Moreover, it can resist cuts and tears too. This is why we utilise this fabric for creating a variety of tarps, which are ideal for use as poultry curtains or cattle shade structures.

Farmers often require cost effective storage solutions. This is especially so during the harvest season. As a result, they will need to insulate their warehouses and storage facilities. Polytex provides tarps that make ideal building liners for these facilities. For this, we place a filler material on one side of the fabric, with a layer of polyethylene sealing this material inside. Thereafter, we fix the building lining over aluminium or steel cladding for minimising the loss of heat.

These tarps can easily reduce your power consumption levels for keeping your premises warm. At the same time, they are more cost effective than several traditional insulation methods too. In addition, our tarps are easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, they can resist the growth of moulds and mildew, which makes them very hygienic too. When you consider that these tarps offer comprehensive levels of protection from dust, water and wind, you get an all-weather solution for a fraction of the cost of a permanent structure. This is why it’s hardly surprising that many farmers across the country use these tarps as livestock shade structures or pig shelters.