Top Benefits Of Temporary Eco Shelters For Your Horses

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2018-06-14

Do you keep horses both for hobby and professional purposes? If you are on the lookout for temporary shelter for your horses that could offer the space and protection against harsh weather conditions like rain, heat and cold, temporary eco shelters offer the best solution. Why? Below are the top benefits of using temporary sheltering for your horses.

1. Variety of sizes to choose from

Temporary eco shelters offer a wide variety of sizes to suit your horses’ space requirements. In fact, you can come up with a horse shelter design that offers enough room to board horses and at the same will serve as a riding arena. The maximum size you can order from a reputable supplier of tarpaulin products including protective shelter covers can expand to 156’ width and unlimited height to hold and shelter a herd of horses.

2. Customisable depending on your needs

This is the flexibility of temporary eco shelters intended for your horses. The model framework prior construction can be customised to match your needs. For example, if you want to have a partition to separate a horse in case it gets ill this can be implemented on the final layout. On the other hand, if you want massive space to house as many horses and still have space for grooming and training, this could also be included on you’re the planning and design of your horses temporary eco shelters.

3. Guarantee your horses optimal healthy condition

Yes, with careful planning of the design of your horses’ temporary eco shelter you have peace of mind that this type of sheltering solution would help in maintaining the healthy condition of your herd. A temporary eco shelter installed with HVAC ventilation will keep your horses’ lungs in good condition. Besides, effective ventilation system can control the amount of heat or cold coming inside this temporary sheltering facility.

4. Provide additional income

If you are a farm owner and at the same offer boarding accommodation to other horse owners setting up temporary eco shelters could provide additional income. Building temporary eco shelters is ideal for anyone engaged in equine business. Why? Aside from providing a safe place, temporary horse shelters constructed from eco-friendly materials offer less maintenance as compared to permanent horse shelters.

5. Easy to install and move around

Lastly, choosing temporary eco shelters for your horses over permanent shelters is less work because they can be easily installed anywhere and moved around in the event of a bad weather condition like serious flooding. A fully enclosed temporary horse shelter can be lifted by heavy equipment like crane and move to a safer ground.

For more information about temporary eco shelters including other farming protective covers made from quality tarpaulin feel free to contact Polytex and get expert advice on the best temporary horse shelters designs that will cater to your horses riding, grooming and training needs.