Truck Tarp Safeguards

Tarping safety is an absolute priority when it comes to moving cargo and trucking. Safety for the truck driver, other drivers on the road, pedestrians and the cargo itself relies on the correct usage of truck tarps (tarpaulin). Significant attention should always be given to this aspect of trucking as an injury could cause a fatality and can easily be avoided through conducting the correct procedures. Every worker for a shipping company should have the required training needed to operate this machinery; this is not a training manual and should not be treated as one. This blog post is a short informational safeguard for anybody involved in trucking.


Firstly, it is important to note that only the shipping company is responsible for removing the tarp covering on the truck when a shipment arrives. Under no circumstances should the recipients remove these coverings.

Safety Measures

  • Corners of tarps must be adequately fastened.
  • The rear must always be unrolled before the front.
  • No walking or standing on top of the load only crawling.
  • When loading during below freezing temperatures always do this process indoors to avoid freezing the truck tarps.

Risk Avoidance

  • Just because a truck tarp is lightweight doesn’t mean it is necessarily safer to use, they pose other risks and hazards which should be recognized.
  • Scaffolding needs to be used in windy conditions to avoid the wind blowing the tarps of a truck, potentially injuring workers.
  • Mechanical aids reduce the risk of worker strain when manually handling truck tarps.

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