Truck Tarps – Essential to Transportation

By: polytex_admin

Posted on: 2020-10-08

One industry that makes heavy use of industrial tarpaulins is logistics, being used both on trucks for transport and in warehousing. Trucks are essential to many elements of Australian industry, with such a wide area and low population density, timely freight is essential for many businesses. These need the use of truck tarps to ensure the safety of the load and keep loose loads in the trailer. Industrial tarpaulins keep the freight moving and protected from weather and other sources of damage.

As the majority of truck tarps use heavy-duty PVC plastics, they are incredibly water-resistant and can withstand UV radiation, even protecting the load from it. This is great for loads that are sensitive to weather such as grains and metal products which may rust if exposed to rain. Freight drivers have a duty to deliver undamaged goods on time, so industrial tarpaulins are of great use to ensure this. Some loads cannot be tied down such as sand and grain. These loads will make heavy use of truck tarps to secure them in the trailer. Another use is on flatbed trailers to cover oddly shaped or oversized loads due to their flexibility, this is common for transporting lumber and pipes.

In some freight moving applications, truck tarps are used for the sides of the trailer; these are often referred to as curtains. This method allows for the easy access afforded by an open flatbed but with significantly more protection and security. They can be loaded and unloaded quickly with access for multiple loaders, this also allows easy partial unloading, making multiple deliveries in one trailer simple.

Industrial tarpaulins have become essential to the logistics industry seeing extensive use for a range of freight needs. Polytex manufactures and supplies a wide range of highly durable truck tarps with many uses for logistics professionals. Contact us today for more information.