Warehouse Divider Curtains for Industrial Buildings

By: polytex_admin

Posted on: 2020-12-16

Major industrial and agricultural groups often require very large warehouse spaces. These spaces will often need to be separated into sections for various functions of the business. Constructing new walls is an expensive and time consuming process, especially for temporary warehousing operations. Tarpaulins can meet this need effectively, using quality polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC plastics for warehouse divider curtains for a sturdy barrier.

Tarpaulins make the process of rearranging an industrial space simple, even if the rearrangement is only for temporary warehousing. If part of a warehouse is currently vacant and needs to be made into a few different work areas, then warehouse divider curtains make this easy. The quality plastics used in Polytex divider walls are great for controlling dust and debris between spaces, preventing any contamination of adjacent work spaces.

When used as warehouse divider curtains, sound stop tarpaulins can also help limit noise pollution to the surrounding compartments. Excessive noise in a working environment can have negative impacts for a person’s hearing, even leading to early deafness. Using tarpaulins as noise barriers around noisy machinery is a must in big industrial warehouses. This greatly improves worker health as excessive noise has been linked to a range of ailments from migraine to heart disease.

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