Warehouse Divider Curtains Overview

Are you on the lookout for cost-effective solutions to save on utility bills at your warehouse facilities? Warehouse divider curtains can effectively control the amount of cold air coming through, giving your workers a more comfortable place to work. Since the actual space of your warehousing facility is reduced in space with the installation of these divider curtains, expect a reduction on your next monthly billing report.

Why use warehouse divider curtains?

Leaving the door open wide in your home will allow cold air to enter. When this happens your heating system will have to work harder to retain heat. However, in a place like the open space of a warehousing facility, any amount of heat loss due to the entry of cold air could mean ballooning utility bills and uncomfortable working environment. Warehouse divider curtains serve as a protective barrier against external elements found in our environment such as cold air.

Installation of warehouse divider curtains

Installing warehouse divider curtains is a simple and straightforward process. In fact, you or any worker can be assigned to do this job. However, if you want it done right away without errors, you can contact a supplier of tarpaulin products that also do the free installation.  Warehouse divider curtains can be customised with your company’s logo imprinted on the fabric material used.

Advantages of warehouse divider curtains

  • Cheaper alternative. Yes, if you don’t want to install permanent divider walls inside your warehousing facility the use of warehouse divider curtains is a cheaper alternative. In fact, the estimated cost of customised divider curtains is approximately 1/10th only of the total cost of fix divider walls.
  • Easy to install. This is one of the advantages of divider curtains, they are easy to install. You can even carry on with your business’ operation while the installation is undergoing. This is less intrusive as compared to permanent divider walls where your operation for a few days will have to stop to allow hired contractor finish this project on time.
  • Quick to disassemble. If your warehouse facility needs future expansion having divider curtains won’t be an issue because they can be quickly disassembled.
  • Long serviced life. Custom made warehouse divider curtains are usually made from top quality fabric materials designed to provide long years of service with little or no maintenance at all.
  • Flexible. The designs, heights, and lengths of warehouse divider curtains vary giving you more flexibility with your options.

For a more productive and friendly working space at your warehouse facility consider installing temporary warehouse divider curtains. They will not only help reduce your utility bill, but, guarantee workers’ productivity. Get a free quote of warehouse divider curtains at Polytex, a reputable supplier of tarpaulin products including protective wall coverings and temporary shelters.

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