What is the best way to cover Hay?

Polytex Tarpaulins has many varied solutions for all types of requirements from small custom tarpaulins to very large Sleeved Hay tarps for extensive stacks of Hay. Polytex Sleeved Hay tarps include welded sleeves on the perimeter edge for the insertion of 1” metal pipe. This gives a hard edge which is then tensioned with ratchet straps or secured by ropes. The Sleeved method allows for “evenly distributed tension pressure” enhancing the life of the covers.

As a manufacturer of the well-known “Ratch-e-tarp” Polytex production has an ongoing steady increase from year to year. They are used nationally for the covering of smaller hay stacks of up to 50-60 Bales quickly with minimum tie-downs to fasten and protect against wind. It has proven to be the most useful for hay producers with multiple single row hay stacks. Sizing on the Ratch-e-tarp is variable but standard covers are manufactured to suit sizing of 10 large (8” x 4” x 3”) bales per layer. You can stack them 3-6 Layers high before applying the tarp.

Working alongside their new sister company “Architex” has enabled a range of Shade Structures to complement the Polytex brand and have been utilized to cover bulk amounts of quality hay & produce.

Polytex also services the agricultural industry with requirements including grain bunker covers, ground sheets, dam liners & shelter covers, livestock shade sails systems, & specialised pig & poultry fabric products. Polytex is well known within the Transport & mining industries with custom made trailer & machinery covers, shelters & a unique range of sound and acoustic products.

Polytex manages fast turnaround times for the supply of tarpaulins due to their dedicated workforce and the use of state of the art computerised technology from the design stage right through to production & dispatch of completed products. Make sure to Download our free hay storage guide.