When it comes to tarps used in the trucking industry, we specialise in offering!

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2018-03-30


Polytex is the supplier of choice of custom-made trucking and machinery covers in Australia. From trucking rollovers to a myriad of rollback covers, we manufacture it all. We also manufacture replacement trucking covers. So, regardless of the types of machinery and equipment you need to cover, you will be able to find the appropriate tarps when you make your purchases with us. We use cutting-edge technology for producing poultry curtains and trucking tarps. Our equipment makes it easier to draw, nest, plot and cut tarps to high precision levels. Thus, you can rest assured about receiving quality products that are immensely versatile as well.


It is worth highlighting that we use only premium-grade 900 GSM PVC fabrics for manufacturing our tarps. This is especially so for tarps designed for use in the construction and mining sectors. We can manufacture truck and grain bunker tarps to almost any size specifications. Our tarps feature fully welded hems, wear strips, sleeves and rope edges. In addition, they comprise fire-retardant material. Our tarps come with three year limited ultraviolet warranties as well. The quality of our tarps and their high levels of durability have helped us build an unbeatable reputation as a manufacturer of choice tarps in Australia.


Using a tarpaulin to cover your cargo is a great idea in all situations – regardless of the cargo your truck is carrying. But, in some cases, using a tarp can be essential. This is especially so in case you’re hauling:

Whether you want to install temporary warehouse divider walls or protect your cargo, source your tarps from a reputed and established manufacturer. At Polytex, we offer a wide range of tarps to meet all kinds of needs and applications. So, the next time you want a tarp for hauling things in your truck or to protect your boat during the off-season, think of us. Call us at 1300 059 003 to share your requirement.