The well-known Ratch-e-tarp has proved to be a hay tarp winner for the hay producers Australia wide. Many are using the Polytex Ratch-e-tarp to cover and protect their hay stacks quickly & securely.

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Ideal Hay Stack Size

The Ratch-e-tarp hay covers 1 bale wide (2.4m) by 10 bales long (12m). When hay stacks are constructed 4 to 5 bales high it makes it an ideal ‘truck load stack’.

Time Saving Install on Hay Tarps

The Polytex Ratch-e-Tarp is a time saving innovation that saves time and maximises protection by utilizing webbing and ratchets for fast installation and a secure tarpaulin.

A Secure Fit

Eyelet tie downs are not enough to secure hay tarps against wind damage. The Polytex Ratch-e-Tarp keeps the hay tarpaulin tight and secure using minimum tie downs to do so.


Fabric: 250gsm PE

Sleeved on all 4 Sides with webbing and ratchets included

Size: 4m Width x 14.7m Length

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Polytac Repair Tape

Accidents happen… have Polytac repair tape for easy in the field repair of your ratch-e-tarp.