Grain Bunker Calculator

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Polytex Grain Bunker Calculator determines:

  • The Total Volume of your Grain Bunker
  • The Total Weight of your Grain Bunker.
  • Overall Square Metres and Dimensions of your Bunker
  • The Height of your Grain Stack
  • Recommended Bunker Tarp Sizing and Quantity
  • Recommended Ground Sheet Sizing and Quantity

Polytex 1st in Grain Bunker Storage

Polytex is equipped to respond quickly to the demand for bunker covers from grain dealers and grain growers alike, with the capacity to produce large numbers of Grain Bunker Tarps & Ground sheets promptly as well as arrange for quick transportation Australia-wide.

Grain Bunker Packages

To meet the needs of Australian farmers, Polytex can supply an ‘On-Farm Grain Bunker Package’ for your preferred storage capacity.

Grain packages comes with everything you need to setup a grain bunker, along with tips and free advice on bunker construction and the whole grain storage process.

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