Air Control / Brooder Curtains

Polytex manufactures a range of industrial tarpaulin products specifically for the poultry industry for the minimizing of energy costs by the control of airflow within the poultry production area. These products not only help in the minimizing of cool air flows coming into the production area but are also to restrict the areas to be heated at specific times.


Brooder Curtains

Polytex manufactures a range of fully welded brooder curtains depending on the growers requirements. Variations as follows

Air Control Curtains

Polytex has a range of air control curtains that run either across or lengthwise in the production area for control of air flow into areas required for optimum growth.

Cool Cell Covers

Polytex supplies the poultry industry with specialised zippered cool cell covers for covering cool cell sections to restrict air flow in the colder months for the maintaining of peak production conditions.

Door Seals

Anti-draft rollup door seals are another Polytex innovation for the sealing off of shed doors in negative pressure sections that are notorious for cold drafts entering controlled temperature areas.

Thermal Fabrics

Polytex has a range of specialised thermal fabrics that can be used in many situations from side blinds, fan covers and other areas that extra insulation is required.

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Welded for Strength

Polytex produces air control products using modern welding techniques insuring maximum durability of the finished product.

Computer Plotter / Cutter

Production of Polytex products are accurately manufactured using ‘state of the art’ computerized machinery that can produce accurate product and meet short lead times.

Leading Brand Fabrics

Polytex specifies premium quality PE, PVC & PP industrial fabrics for the production of Poultry Air Control products.


To customer specification


Polytac Repair Tape

Polytex Polytac Repair Tape is available for temporary on site repair of poultry products.