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Grain Bunkers in Esperance

Grain Bunkers in Esperance, WA

Managing the logistics of storing and moving grain following harvest is a complex process for Growers. Having the flexibility of onsite grain storage can alleviate some of the stress associated with getting grain to market. Mike an experienced Wheat Grower based in Esperance, WA got in touch with Polytex wanting to explore different options for storing grain onsite. Producing around 25,000T per season, Mike typically utilised 30 Grain Bags for temporary short-term grain storage. Although this solution worked, Grain bags were becoming more expensive and he was unhappy with the single-use nature of the bags, not being able to utilise them for more than one harvest.    

Mike was interested in trialling grain bunkers as an alternative solution. Bunkers still presented a cost-effective option but could be reused each year.  After talking with the team at Polytex he decided upon 610gsm PVC Bunker Tarps with an 8T Bunker Broom to assist with sweeping and cleaning during out-loading. During peak harvest, the bunker would be used to relieve the pressure on trucks keeping up with the headers.

During harvest Mike called to confirm how the tarps were working for him.

“Certainly happy with them, the heavier tarp sits really flat which is good.”

His process was to fill the field bins first and then unload these into the bunker. Inloading the bunker direct from field bins proved faster and more cost-effective than utilising grain bags. His bunker was 30M wide x 50M length offering 2500T grain storage capacity. The bunker proved a perfect temporary storage facility onsite for his grain which would be then transported from the farm to CBH, a bulk grain receival site.

“It really helps with the operations and logistics being able to store a percentage of our yield on-farm.”

“I’ll definitely be getting more tarps off you next year. We need a couple of smaller bunkers in different areas of the farm,” explained Mike. 

How Polytex can help

Polytex has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to produce standard and custom-size bunker tarps in very fast turnaround times. We deliver Australia wide. Protect your produce and utilise our specialised accessories to help with speed and ease of operations at harvest time.

Contact the team on 1300 059 003.