Machinery Tarpaulins – Rail Covers

Polytex is a preferred specialist  supplier to many mining & construction operations Australia wide ; manufacturing covers & tarps to the varied requirements and specifications of these industries from trucking rollovers & roll back original cover or replacements to the covering of all types of machinery & rail transportation needs. Production bulk runs of specific covers are a specialty.



PVC Welded Covers & Tarps

Polytex is a specialist supplier of fully welded PVC tarpaulin & protection products, manufacturing covers, using unique welding machinery to produce products with fully welded seams, welded reinforcement wear strips, welded kedar (rope) edges, welded sleeves using machine stitching to customer request only.

CAD / Computer Plotter / Cutter

Polytex has unique ‘in house’ computerized equipment for drawing, nesting, plotting & cutting of tarpaulin production which facilitates the accuracy and quality of the completed product.

Leading Brand PVC fabrics

Polytex sources & uses only premium quality 900GSM PVC fabrics for the production of all construction and mining products unless a particular quality alternative fabric is specified