Poultry curtains ? Polytex has the solution !

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2015-10-07

At Polytex, we use advanced welding construction techniques for creating our versatile and top-quality tarpaulin products. Each of our tarpaulins features enhanced levels of tensile strength. Moreover, they also feature low weight-to-strength ratios. This ratio is what makes our tarpaulins ideal for the construction of temporary structures. So, when you want temporary pig shelters or poultry curtains, our tarpaulins offer high levels of durability and cost effectiveness.

It is worth noting that we use only the best industrial fabrics for manufacturing all shelter cover products. For instance, our tarpaulins feature the renowned fabric brands such as Canvacon, Tarpee and Landmark etc. In addition, they feature minimal stitching that makes these tarps very durable.