Almond Bunker Covers


Polytex is a major supplier of almond harvest covers and ground sheets for the almond industry.

Almond bunkers are a convenient and cost-effective bulk storage option to protect your almonds from rain and pests.

There are many factors that can lead to quality downgrades of almonds such as weather damage (rain = staining; hot and humid = concealed damage; hot and dry = skin flaking and split cotyledons; humid = mould) and pests (birds, rodents and insects).

Hence it is important almond stacks are covered correctly for protection against these potential factors.

When constructed correctly, almond bunkers also provide a good seal for fumigation for insect control.

Polytex has the capacity to produce a large number of almond storage covers promptly as well as arrange for quick transportation Australia wide.

The most common cover for almonds is the Polytex 250gsm Polyethylene tarpaulin, known for its excellent strength and easy handling.

This fabric can also be used as a ground sheet to protect the base layer of almonds from subsoil moisture.

Almond Bunker Construction & Storage Guide

Polytex has developed an Almond Bunker Construction Guide, providing practical advice on how to construct a bunker and best practices for successful bunker storage.

This has been created with help from industry experts and from years of experience talking to Growers around the country.

Avoid common mistakes and learn from others successes.

DOWNLOAD Free Almond Bunker Construction Guide

Key Benefits

Polytex Bunker Tarps

Tarp Stenciling

Polytex Bunker Covers or Bunker Tarps can include tarp stenciling to your specifications


Tarp Stenciling

Polytex has a vast network of recommended & competent carriers Australia wide.

Polytex Ground Sheets

Tarp Stenciling

Polytex uses only first quality industrial fabrics for the manufacture of all products; well-known brands including Canvacon, Tarpee & Landmark variations

Grain Bunker Calculator

Grain Bunker Calculator

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