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Builder Floor Sheets

Custom Australian made floor and roof sheets

Polytex Floor Sheets are manufactured to protect the lower floor whilst constructing the 2nd story addition.

Polytex is a well-known and recognised supplier of Floor Sheets to the building and construction industry Australia-wide. We hold common sizes in stock with the ability to manufacture custom and large sizes quickly (the same day if urgent). When building a second story, custom shape tarps can be made to suit the floor plan of the upper floor area.

We are an established family business servicing the construction industry since the 1995 and have honed our production capabilities to supply Floor Sheets quickly and efficiently nationwide.

There are two fabrics most suited to Builders Floor Sheets:

      1. 610gsm PVC – Very tough, Australian Made, Water-resistant, UV-resistant, anti-mould, Long-life material.
      2. 250gsm Polyethylene (PE) which is a lighter fabric but still very tough, Australian Made, Water-resistant, UV resistant and Long-life material.



We generally recommend the 250gsm PE for Floor Sheets for ease of handling and storage and is much more cost-effective.
You can order Floor Sheets online now below which are standard flat sheet tarps.

If you are after a custom tarp with sleeves or eyelets please give us a call at 1300 059 003 or click ‘Get a Quote’ below and we will be in contact very shortly.


  • 250 gsm PE
  • 610 gsm PVC


  • Size and Shape
  • Standard flat sheet or sleeved tarp
  • Eyelets

Key Benefits

Polytex Bunker Tarps

Tarp Stenciling

Polytex Bunker Covers or Bunker Tarps can include tarp stenciling to your specifications


Tarp Stenciling

Polytex has a vast network of recommended & competent carriers Australia wide.

Polytex Ground Sheets

Tarp Stenciling

Polytex uses only first quality industrial fabrics for the manufacture of all products; well-known brands including Canvacon, Tarpee & Landmark variations

Grain Bunker Calculator

Grain Bunker Calculator

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