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Twinny T5 Tarp Welder



Suitable for welding various geomembranes

The welder is practical and user friendly. Even without much training, the TWINNY T5 welding machine can weld quickly in a professional manner. The large travel rollers (field kit) provide more ground clearance, which helps with plastic welding on rough or uneven surfaces. The TWINY T5s handles are well-positioned, making it easy to guide, move or transport the machine. Thanks to the powerfully designed drive, plastic welding with the TWINNY T5 is particularly maintenance friendly. The welding speed of the TWINNTY T5 has been significantly improved compared with its predecessor, TWINNY T, thanks to the powerful blower and the significantly higher heating output. The TWINNY T5 is approximately 50% faster than the TWINNY T automatic welder. This saves a lot of time and money welding big geomembrane projects.



  • Digital display shows speed and temperature
  • Mechanical over pressure protection
  • Welding speed is 50% faster than the TWINNY T
  • Easy to operate, thanks to hot air technology



  • VOLTAGE : 120 – 230 V
  • FREQUENCY : 50/60 Hz
  • TEMPERATURE : 100 – 560 ͦC
  • SPEED : 0.8 – 8.0 m/min
  • HOT WEDGE MATERIAL : – Stainless steel
  • HOT WEDGE WIDTH : 50mm

Key Benefits

Polytex Bunker Tarps

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Tarp Stenciling

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Tarp Stenciling

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