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Why not to use eyelets on your Hay covers

Polytex Tarpaulins are a well-known player in the agricultural industry as a reputable supplier of quality tarpaulin products with the ability to design, manufacture & service products Australia wide.

The most important feature of a hay tarpaulin is to keep it tight therefore protecting the hay cover as well as the product.

Polytex Sleeved hay tarps are hay stack covers that are held tight by the insertion of a one inch water pipe through a sleeved edge on the length of the tarp. The sleeved hay tarp is tied down using the pipe edge for strength. The sleeved edge system puts a hard edge right down the length of the tarp, preventing wind from getting a point of entrance to lift and damaging the tarpaulin & product it is covering. Polytex manufactures tarps of up to 100m in length using the sleeved edge feature.

The Polytex Ratch-e-tarp® is a time saving innovation becase it utilises webbing and ratchets to secure the tarpaulin very quickly & securely using a minimum amount of tie downs to fasten the hay tarp against wind. The Ratch.e.tarp uses webbing along the length of the cover which is tensioned using ratchets to prevent wind damage.

The team at Polytex maintains that the lesson they have learnt with protecting hay is that eyelets are not sufficient to secure tarps against wind. Wind damage to the cover is the result of constant flapping often due to eyelets pulling out through movement of the cover between ropes. With any type of cover the secret to durability is “Keep it tight”.

The ratchet tarp is also used in the cotton industry for the covering of round & square modules.

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