Round Bale

The Polytex Round Bale Ratch-e-tarp is another innovative solution to quickly & securely cover round bales where the plastic cover has sustained damage in the field.

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Contain Costly Field Damage

The Round Bale Ratch-e-tarp will hold the damaged area from splitting open, avoiding the time consuming exercise of putting the baled cotton back through the picker to reform the damaged round bale.

Tensioned Outer Protection

The Polytex Ratch-e-tarp Round Bale cover is fitted quickly & securely using webbing & ratchets both sides of the round bale giving tensioned outer support to the damaged plastic inner which without support, will split completely open



Polytac Repair Tape

Polytex Polytac Repair Tape is a butyl mastic tap supplied as either double sided or single sided; for easy on the field repair of polyethylene & polypropylene fabrics