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Builders Floor Sheets - Polytex

How Builders Floor Sheets Assisted Coastal
Building Company

Dave from a coastal building company is an expert carpenter and works extensively across Greater Sydney on different building works. A recent project in Wamberal on the beautiful Central Coast involved undertaking the new build of a stunning 3-storey home that could take advantage of the spectacular coastal and district views and was located just 200m out from the beach.

Being so close to the ocean, meant weather could change easily and when it rained, it often bucketed torrentially. The new build design featured a downstairs garage, a kitchen and a living space on the second floor, with bedrooms across the top storey.

Initially Dave reached out to Polytex to source a Builders Floor Sheet. He purchased a 250gsm Polyethylene Tarpaulin Builders Floor Sheet from Polytex that measured 17m x 15m. This was used to protect the bottom storey while he was building the second storey. With wet weather on the way, he required an immediate turnaround on his order. With material in stock, Polytex were able to deliver in a timely and professional manner to “beat the weather”.

Once on-site, Dave explained how he specifically used the floor sheet. With 2 – 3 people he laid out the tarp and draped it over each side of the house. He then secured the tarp using timber over the top and screwed into the bottom of the joist. A common question asked is, regarding the standing up of framing with a tarp on the floor. Daves method is to have the Tarp in place and secured then stand one of the outside frames up and base all other framing positions off that.

The floor tarp remained in place until after the gyprock was sanded as this always results in a lot of dust and small debris. Once complete, they then cut the tarp around the base of the frames and revealed a brand-new clean floor.

Dave was so stoked by the usefulness and the performance of the tarp that he ordered another tarp to fit over the second floor whilst he built out the third storey.

Dave added, “The tarp saved us, we’ve had a lot of bad weather recently and really copped it. With the tarp in place its kept the bottom storey dead-set water-tight so we’ve been able to store all the hardware, windows, floor frames, timber – everything as its bone-dry underneath. “

“The best thing is that it keeps the floor frame dry. You pay $20k for a floor frame and it gets hammered by the weather then starts to squeak and go to crap. With a tarp over it, it keeps it out of the weather so you still have a brand new floor frame afterwards.”

“The delivery driver was really good too. He got it off the truck and wheeled it up the drive with a trolley, right to where we needed it.”

On another project, Dave had witnessed the issues you can run into without a good quality tarp. It was a renovation project and after they tore up the carpet, some bad weather caught them off guard and the water caused the particle board to swell by 4 – 5 mm. This meant they had to spend an additional day fixing and sanding the floor. With a tarp down, they would have saved time, money and frustration.

In all future building work, Dave is looking at how Polytex tarps can protect and assist his projects.

How Polytex can help

Polytex has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with materials in stock ready for customisation. They can deliver any size builders tarp anywhere Australia-wide with very short lead times.  Contact the team on 1300 059 003.