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Solutions for the Australian Almond Farming Industry

The growth of the Australian almond industry has required innovation and resilience. With a history of being cultivated in Australian gardens starting in the 1830s, the country has now become the second leading producer of almonds worldwide. Almond farms are a tale of hard work, dedication, and discovering new and innovative solutions.  

Starting a successful almond farm requires hard work, innovation and detailed industry knowledge. Almonds grow most successfully in a Mediterranean climate, with a reasonable winter chill and a warm to hot summer with optimal moisture. A key piece to create a successful harvest is understanding the intricacies of almond tree cultivation. This includes optimal spacing for planting to the art of pruning trees, ensuring healthy growth and superior yields.  

However, water scarcity poses a significant challenge to the agricultural industry. Farmers should take a proactive approach, utilising techniques like the partial root drying method. This technique allows almond trees to receive just the right amount of water, preventing wastage and promoting healthy, robust trees that yield high-quality harvests.  

Even today, farmers are constantly finding new ways to facilitate almond harvesting and are looking for products that not only ease the process but also protect the quality of the almonds. Solutions like a durable almond cover ensure that the collection and storage of harvest are done efficiently without compromising the quality of the crop. The almond cover offers a multitude of benefits. They protect the crop from weather extremities and allow for fumigation to prevent pests and insects, ensuring a high-quality yield.  

Setting up almond bunker covers is straightforward, protecting the integrity of the almond harvest and helping prevent potential losses, as they are designed to protect the almond crop during the critical harvest period. These covers are durable, weather-resistant, and easy to deploy, making them a must-have for almond growers. 

As one of the leaders in almond farming products in Australia, Polytex has worked alongside farmers who have mastered the delicate process of planting almond trees, harvesting techniques, as well as innovative storage solutions for over 30 years. The products have been designed to ensure optimum almond storage on-farm, while also minimising environmental impact. Empowering growers with knowledge is critical, and with an understanding of the challenges faced by farmers in the almond industry, Polytex developed the Almond Bunker Construction Guide. This comprehensive guide is a testament to our commitment to farmers, providing detailed instructions and expert advice to help farmers build secure almond storage facilities.  

Australia’s almond farming industry isn’t just about planting and harvesting almonds; it’s about pushing the boundaries of traditional farming methods and seeking innovative almond protection products for age-old problems.