Tarpaulin Rollup Doors

Use Less Energy and Control Air Temperatures More Efficiently With Rollup Tarpaulin Doors For Poultry Sheds

Polytex Tarpaulins is constantly innovating and working on new products to help their clients businesses become more efficient, by using Polytex products. Tarpaulin Rollup Doors is a great product to help seal the doors on poultry sheds, maintain temperature and eliminate unwanted air movements. This is a cost effective simple way to stop rain, wind and heat coming through the cracks in the doors. The Rollup Door system is used extensively across a large number of poultry sheds across Australia. The Rollup Door is fixed to the shed by a Sail track running across the top and a zipper system down the side which locks it into place. Rollup Doors is just one of the many successful products Polytex manufactures for the Poultry Industry.