3 Ways You Can Use Tarpaulin around Your Farm

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2019-03-29

Tarpaulin is certainly one of the most underrated inventions of the modern age. From hay sheds to dam liners, this high-tensile strength material can be used in more ways than most people would care to count.

In fact, there are practically endless applications for tarp everywhere. In this article, we will look at some very innovative ways you can utilize tarp around your farm and keep things running smoothly. Let’s start.

3 Places Where Tarp Can Be an Indispensable Farm Tool

  1. Hay Sheds

During harvest season, it is very likely that you have a surplus of hay. Or you might just need to store the livestock feed in an appropriate place. In both cases, makeshift hay sheds are a great option.

But you also need something to cover them up with and tarp is the perfect solution. Just hammer it down with some nails and it will be as weather proof as anything else.

So, you want to clean out the chicken coop and have the poultry equipment. But that can only be done in the morning. Meanwhile, the evening dew might get into the tools and ruin them. The answer to that problem is simple. Just use tarp!  

Cover up that poultry equipment with some tarp and nail it down. You can be sure it is going to remain pristine come hail or high water!

Cattle shade structures require that you maintain them properly and give them a thorough clean every now and then. But as it happens, sometimes things just don’t align properly.

So, it could be that the weather turned fowl, your cattle shed has no roof now. Well, tarp is the perfect solution for this problem as well.

Simply cover the structure up properly, make sure there is no place for the rainwater to get in and secure it with some nails or clamps. Once this is done, you can be sure your cattle will be dry and cosy all throughout the rains!

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