5 Questions To Ask Before Ordering Custom Made Grain Bunkers Tarps

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2018-11-01

Grain bunkers tarps are one of the latest methods that farmers use for storing grains.  Grain pile covers are mostly preferred because they are a lot cheaper when compared to purchase of filed bins or construction of sheds for grain storage. Apart from that, grain bunkers made from top quality tarpaulin can be used for both for short-term and long-term. However, if you have plans of having these grain bunkers custom made, here are some questions that will help you choose the perfect grain storage design, material and installation layout.

Question #1 – Are addition of straps possible for the grain bunkers?

This is one of the concerns of farmers when deciding if adding straps on grain bunkers tarps is possible or not. The final decision still depends on you. If your intention is to secure your grain pile in the event of a power outage this is a good solution. However, the attachment of straps on your grain bunker covers made from tarp can be prone to wear and tear. How? Imagine a strong wind passing by along your grain tarps with straps, the wind may cause the straps to flap rigorously and making the tarps susceptible to ripping. If you want to avoid the wear and tear on the grain bunker covers ask the manufacturer if the straps can be built into the tarp covering itself.

Question #2 – What features to look when buying grain bunker tarps?

Grain covers made from tarps do vary. This is why you should have a clear idea of the features that would make custom made grain bunkers tarps a good investment. Here’s a list of features to look when ordering grain bunkers:

Question #3 – Who can benefit from the use of grain bunkers tarps?

Grain bunkers tarps are commonly used by all kinds of farmers, both independent farmers and larger companies handling huge volume of agricultural grain products that require cost-effective grain storage solutions.

Question #4 – Are there limitations on the size of bunker tarps?

Sizes of grain bunkers tarps come in a variety. Any farmer can find the perfect fit for storing a pile. If you want an accurate measurement of your bunker tarps ask the manufacturer’s representative to come over and assess your grain storage requirement.

Question #5 – What to expect from having the grain bunkers tarps custom-made?

Custom made grain bunkers tarps are specifically designed to suit the farmer’s preferences to the design, built and quality of the final grain storage covering solution. Most customised grain covers come from durable materials that passed quality control. Aside from that, custom made bunkers tarps can be sewn according to a farmer’s desire, either one piece or various sections and installed based on a layout that will cover as much pile.

For a well-informed decision on how your custom made grain bunkers tarps will be fabricated book now a private consultation with the experts at Polytex.