Aspects to Consider When You Purchase a Portable Shelter

A cloth-covered instant shelter typically comprises the following essential components:

  •  The frame
  •  The covering and,
  •  The anchoring mechanism

Each of these components plays a vital role in keeping the structure of the shelter intact. If even one of these components were to fail, it could end up damaging the structure of the shelter. Even worse, it could destroy or damage your possessions as well – from your crops to your cars or livestock.

Therefore, when you set about obtaining a portable shelter, you need to focus on certain aspects. These include:

  •  Ensuring that the anchors can lodge (or penetrate) sufficiently deep enough to secure a good grip
  •  Checking that the cables attached to the anchors are strong enough for withstanding the effects of snow, rain and strong winds
  •  Ensuring that the metallic pipes that form the frame of the shelter are made of either aluminium or steel
  • Aluminium pipes provide a lightweight option, but they cannot withstand wind, snow etc.
  •  Steel pipes and tubes are much stronger and long-lasting
  •  Using galvanised steel pipes (as opposed to powder-coated steel pipes) is the best option if you seek high levels of durability
  •  Checking whether the manufacturers use corrosion proof sprays or coating on their pipes to boost their durability and their ability to withstand degradation and corrosion
  •  Purchasing bolts and fasteners made of high quality steel

In addition, when it comes to the fabric covering, always ensure that it:

Is waterproof

  •  Can block out the ultraviolet rays of the sun
  •  Is easy to stretch tightly on the frame for minimising destructive vibrations caused by the wind etc.
  •  Does not tear easily
  •  Is easy to repair and,
  •  Adheres to the fire code requirements prescribed by the authorities

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