Common Causes of a Leaking Dam – dam liners

By: polytex_admin

Posted on: 2021-03-22

For agricultural areas, dams are essential as they are needed the most in these areas. Having a dam that cannot hold the water can be frustrating and is one of the most common issues when it comes to agricultural dams. Even though farmers want this issue to be solved quickly, it can be costly and time-consuming and this can be an issue for farmers as they are often looking for a cost-effective solution such as dam liners. Dam leaks can be common, and there are several reasons for dam leakage. Some of the most common causes are explained.

Poor Maintenance

Carrying out maintenance helps to reduce long-term issues in the future which can be more costly if not maintained often. The recommended maintenance tips set out by the Department of Primary Industries include:

Soil Compaction

Soil compaction increases the density of soiling and reduces air by using machinery such as bulldozers and rollers.  This results in limited air and water movement preventing dam leaks.

Topsoil and Vegetation Removal

Before the construction of the dam begins, the area should be cleared out of all vegetation, its roots and topsoil. This should be stored away from the dam area until the embankment is completed.

While there are many more causes of dam leakage, these 3 are the most common. Some of the causes may require urgent repairs such as clay lining and installing dam liners to seal dam leakages. At Polytex, we provide several types of dam liners for your agricultural needs including PP, PE, and PVC. For more information contact us today.