Cover Your Piles of Hay with Tarps to Secure them from the Elements

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2016-12-18

Just as you would pull out an umbrella when it rains and you’re outdoors, you’ll find farmers covering their stacks of hay with different kinds of tarpaulins. Clearly, if you leave your hay exposed to the elements, it will soon become worthless. Estimates suggest that the average bale of hay having a diameter of five feet, will lose as much as a fifth of its mass to spoilage, if you were to leave it without cover. This is why hay producers across Australia strive to keep their produce safe from weather damage. This enables the farmers to seize the moment when the price and the demand for their hay increases.

Many people across the country use tarps for a wide range of purposes. Factory owners use them as factory dividers in their facilities. This enables them to create separate sections on a temporary basis in their factories. The average householder might use tarps for keeping their vehicles safe from the elements. This is especially so when they do not have a garage on their properties. Similarly, farmers throughout the country use tarps as livestock shade structures. These keep their cattle safe from inclement weather. These scenarios make it easy to understand the immense significance of tarps. This is particularly so in the industrial and agricultural sectors.

Several people rely on tarps for different purposes. But, they also require a quality supplier of top-notch tarpaulins. Polytex Tarpaulins has been meeting the demand for quality tarps in Australia since the 1990s. We have a combined experience of over 50 years. Our experience stretches back to three generations in the fabrics industry. In addition, we have a skilled workforce that continues to emerge with top-of-the-line and innovative tarps. This helps us provide quality products for meeting an array of needs. As such, whether you require grain bunker tarps or shelter covers, we can give you precisely what you need.