Factories and industries !

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2016-10-06

Many factories and industries typically operate from large expanses of land. These businesses will usually have separate facilities for different kinds of workers. For instance, workers involved in manufacturing and production will work in the main factory. Similarly, people engaged in overseeing the marketing and sales of the products will work in a separate facility on the same property.

In many cases, business owners will find themselves requiring additional space. They might need this for storing products or for converting into working areas. Building a new facility or walls will be costly. It will be time consuming as well. Thus, this will hardly be a viable alternative. This is especially so in case the need for space is seasonal or temporary. As such, it’s hardly surprising that many businesses throughout the country use tarps as factory dividers and industrial curtains.

Over the years, Polytex has become a name to reckon with in the domain of manufacturing high-quality tarpaulins. Businesses engaged in agriculture, farming, mining and other industries use our tarps for meeting a diverse range of needs. Our tarps make excellent cattle shade structures for keeping your livestock safe. At the same time, they are useful for storing your agricultural produce too. Our hay and grain bunker tarps are among our best-selling products.