Features of Good Builders Tarps

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2019-08-05

Builders tarps are tarpaulins designed mainly to protect structures being built. They are also used in protecting structures going through a renovation. There are also instances when these tarps are useful when dam liners are still being set up for farm ponds or a storage area for poultry equipment is being built. While there are several types of tarps in the market that can be used for these purposes, it is important to take into account some features when looking for good-quality tarps. The following are five features to consider when looking for good builders tarps.

Heavy Duty
The first thing to consider is the durability of these tarps. Since these tarps are used to protect equipment and property, they should be made of heavy-duty material. For instance, poultry business owners have a considerable investment in the poultry equipment they acquired. Due to this, it is essential that the tarp can withstand the elements. Similarly, farm owners building a farm pond would need to have a place to store the dam liners they acquired. The tarp should provide suitable protection for these liners before they are set up in the pond. Homeowners also would appreciate heavy-duty tarps to protect their property while their homes are being renovated. The tarp should protect their furniture from dirt and pollution.

Easy to Set Up
Another thing to consider when looking or a suitable tarp is the ease of setting it up. Since these tarps can be used just about anywhere, it is necessary for them to be easily set up. Easy to set up tarps are useful in areas where the weather is somewhat unpredictable. Or in areas where space is limited. In these instances, setting up a tarp quickly will not be challenging when it is easy to set up.

Aside from construction activities, builders tarps can also be used in a garden or backyard. They can be used to provide temporary protection from the elements when homeowners are hosting parties or events. These tarps can also be used to protect against damage from storms. If they are used temporarily, 80 to 90 GSM (grams per square meter) tarps will be good enough. But if these tarps are used for a longer time, it is advisable to get tarps with a rating of at least 200 GSM.

Suitable Sizes
Tarpaulins come in a wide range of sizes. This makes it important for buyers to consider the available sizes of the tarps. The size should be suitable for its use. It is also important to be aware of the two types of sizes for tarps: the cut size and the finish size. Cut sizes refer to the initial size of the tarp when it was produced. On the other hand, finish sizes refer to the size when it is made available in the market. Finish sizes are typically smaller by at least 7.6 centimeters than cut sizes. Due to this, it is essential to refer to the finish size rather than the cut size when purchasing a tarp.


There are instances when tarp manufacturers accept orders for custom-made tarps. Customizable tarps allow homeowners or farm owners to have the necessary flexibility in using the tarps. Before ordering the tarp, it may be necessary to inform the manufacturer where and how it will be used. This will allow the manufacturer to make the necessary recommendations on the design and different features of the tarp. This also ensures that the tarp acquired is suitable for its purpose.
While there are many tarps available in the market today, it is essential to take into consideration the different features necessary to find good-quality builders tarps.