Grain Bunker Tarps – The Right Choice for Storing Your Agricultural Produce

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2015-07-01

Polytex Tarpaulins has been at the forefront of providing many businesses in the agricultural and industrial sectors with high quality, cost effective tarps. From shelter covers for poultry to pig shelters, our solutions have ensured that businesses can keep their livestock and agricultural produce safe, regardless of the weather conditions.

For years, many people have used bunker tarps for protecting their grain from the insects. They have also relied on these tarps for providing protection from the elements. Exposure to the elements could often reduce the nutrient content of the grains. At the same time, farmers are well aware of the damage that rodents and insects can inflict on their agricultural produce.

Grain bunker tarps typically comprise polytarp. This is a low-cost, strong and waterproof material. Polytarp is easy to manufacture in a wide range of shapes and sizes. This makes it easy to produce weatherproof fabrics that are useful in agricultural applications of the largest scale.

Many farmers often consider constructing permanent storage facilities on their lands. This is particularly so at the end of the harvest season. This enables them to store their yield safely. However, constructing such facilities often has a huge cost implication. In addition, it requires various planning permissions too.

In contrast, purchasing bunker or hay tarps often involves just a fraction of the cost of constructing permanent storage facilities. Moreover, farmers don’t need to obtain any permissions from regulatory bodies either.

When needed, they can simply roll out the tarps in harvest season. Subsequently, they can store them away when not required. Another benefit of these tarps is that farmers can deploy them in different locations based on their requirements. Thus, for a one-time expense, these bunkers provide a host of benefits.

Polytex Tarps have immense experience in supplying eco shelters and livestock shade structures too. Many farmers use our products for eliminating unwanted airflows within production areas in the winter season. In addition, our cattle shade structures are ideal for minimising energy consumption, thereby enhancing the growth environment too.

Polytex Tarpaulins uses ‘state of the art’ manufacturing processes for producing tarps that suit the requirements of various industrial, agricultural, mining and commercial businesses. Our manufacturing facilities in the Riverina produce a variety of specialist products such as brooder curtains, factory dividers, air control curtains, door covers, poultry curtains and thermal & standard blinds. For more details, call us at 1300 059 003.