Guide When Designing Your Pig Shelters

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2018-07-12

Are you into hog raising business? If yes, setting up pig shelters is among your major concerns when raising pigs of all sizes. Aside from the design of the actual pig housing unit, other factors that will affect the layout are the flooring (concrete or hardwood), enough space for shelter, shading as well as feeding and watering sections for the pigs. Here’s a quick guide for farm owners building their first pig housing facility.


Yes, definitely a major factor because building pig shelters may require funding and may cost a lot. So, it would be crucial at this phase before you consult a contractor that you have a rough estimate of the overall cost of this project.

Right site location must be carefully selected

The site where you plan to build the pig shelters is important. A site that has good drainage is important in the proper disposal of pigs waste. The best site location where you can build the pig housing unit is an area that has a bit slope. The site should also be accessible to any type of vehicle or farm equipment, so that transport of feeds and pick-up of pigs to be brought to the slaughterhouse would be easy.

Proper positioning of the pig shelters is a must

A pig shelter must provide a comfortable living space for the pigs. When building the actual pig shelters proper positioning is important. It would be ideal to position the structures at an angle away from the harsh rays of the sun, rain and extreme windy condition. The position from east to the west is will resolve all these issues.

Focus on ventilation

Another factor that you should take into consideration while drafting the design and layout of pig shelters is the ventilation. Pig houses must offer enough ventilation. When constructing the pig shelter it would be appropriate to have the sides open or installed with heavy duty screens to allow more air to flow freely.

Good foundation must not be compromised

The main foundation of the pig shelters must be solid and offer stability. The flooring foundation can be made from concrete or hardwood floor materials depending on your budget. Expect the cost for concrete foundation to go up, especially if you are building a massive pig housing facility.

Proper spacing must be followed

While still on the drafting phase of the design of your pig shelters proper spacing must be strictly followed, especially if you have other existing animal shelters.

Roofing structure must be rainproof

Providing a comfortable space for your pigs is vital for their healthy growth. When constructing the pig housing structure pay attention to the roof. It should be sturdy enough to withstand heavy rainfall and strong winds.

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