Importance of hey sheds for Australian farmers.

By: polytex_admin

Posted on: 2020-07-21

Hey sheds are one of the most important non-current assets a farmer in Australia will purchase. Keeping hay dry is essential for the health of the hay and in turn the health of your livestock. A Hay shed ensures protection from the elements keeping the hay in a quality state, maintaining the nutrient needed for feeding livestock.

Customization is encouraged by farm suppliers and manufactures Polytex who specialize in tarpaulin products. It’s imperative that farmers utilize hay sheds that are designed to suit the needs of the farm. Over stacking causes issues that can lead to moisture traps and mold growth risking structural corrosion. Utilizing hay sheds with proper air circulation and the correct size required for your hay stock prevents these moisture traps from ever occurring. Tarpaulin is a quality and affordable material for hay shed roofs especially when coupled with innovative welding procedures providing the durability of the finished product. The secret is in the tensioning that is provided by welding keeping the tarpaulin functioning as it should be minimizing the risk of the shelter cover falling apart in extreme conditions.

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