Key features of heavy duty tarps

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2020-02-21

Tarpaulin is a material that has found extensive applications in the industrial and agricultural sectors. Today, you can find tarpaulins that are extremely strong, durable, and heavy duty. They are ideal for use in applications that need high strength and durability. Although there are no clear rules to distinguish a light weight tarp from a heavy duty one, but there are ways in which consumers can gauge the relative durability and strength.

To determine whether the tarp is right for your needs or not, you should consider the overall weight, thickness, and the weave of the material. Usually, a weave of 10X8 or lower is considered light weight. Such tarps are good for simple uses such as making a cattle shade, but if you need sun protection, water proof feature, and sturdiness, you will have to consider a heavy duty tarp.

Usually, tarpaulin with a weave of 14X14 or more is considered heavy duty. As a simple rule, if you are looking for tarp that can withstand elements and bear heavy weights (for use on trucks) then you must go for a tight weave.

So, thickness and tight weave a crucial when it comes to heavy duty tarps, but this may not be enough when you have to choose the right tarpaulin for your application. There are other important factors too that you may want to consider to ensure that you make the right choice, especially if you are going to need huge quantities.

One important thing that you must check is the hems. For heavy duty uses, choose a tarp that has its hems reinforced and finished, otherwise they would quickly loose and fray. Next important thing to consider is whether or not the grommets are places evenly. This would allow you to tie down the tarpaulin properly, and keep it from blowing away in bad weather. The best tarpaulins are the ones that have reinforced grommets at the edges. This feature is extremely important if you need tarp for dam liners, shelter covers, grain bunkers, or cattle shades.

Laminated and water-proof tarpaulin is a perfect choice for heavy duty uses. This makes the tarpaulin more functional, effective, and durable.

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