Protect Your Hearing with Polytex Acoustic Tarpaulins

By: polytex_admin

Posted on: 2020-09-08

Acoustic tarpaulins are one way of controlling hearing loss in workers and operators or loud machinery, using mineral-filled industrial tarpaulins to shield against excessive noise. Hearing loss is a major health issue for many people worldwide. Hearing loss occurs when these loud noises damage the soft tissue of the inner ear destroying cells and nerves which collect and transmit sound to the brain. Noise is a major cause of such hearing loss. Many sources of noise can cause hearing loss, such as televisions, concerts, and loud machines. Tarpaulins are commonly used around heavy machines, insulating noise to protect against noise-induced hearing loss.

Sounds at certain levels can cause permanent hearing damage given the right exposure. Approximately 85dB (common machines and close diesel engines) can cause damage over many hours of exposure, 100-120dB (such as power tools or concerts) may cause damage in shorter exposure and sounds over this have potential to cause very quick damage. Tarpaulins used as noise absorbers can reduce machine noise below these levels which cause hearing damage.

Hearing loss around machines can be prevented in several ways such as correct mounting to reduce vibrations, using earmuffs, and installing sound barriers. Sound Stop Acoustic Screens by Polytex are specially designed industrial tarpaulins to absorb sound, forming a protective barrier for workers. Polytex tarpaulins are made with only the highest quality fabrics and custom-built for each customer’s requirements. Contact us today for a quote!