Tarps make excellent cattle shade structure!

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2016-10-17

Over the years, Polytex has become a name to reckon with in the domain of manufacturing high-quality tarpaulins. Businesses engaged in agriculture, farming, mining and other industries use our tarps for meeting a diverse range of needs. Our tarps make excellent cattle shade structures for keeping your livestock safe. At the same time, they are useful for storing your agricultural produce too. Our hay and grain bunker tarps are among our best-selling products.

Using tarps for partitioning sections in your factory can be a perfect solution to your spacing woes. You can use these tarps to make optimal use of your existing space. In the space created, you can have workers carry out specific activities. For instance, you could divide your factory for separating various work areas such as:

Our fire-retardant and weatherproof industrial and bunker tarps are equally good for suppressing excessive levels of noise too. In addition, you could use these for suppressing fumes and dust as well.

Alternatively, you could use our industrial and hay tarps for storing different kinds of products. The best part about using tarps for segregating areas in your facility is that tarps are exceedingly cheap, as opposed to other permanent installations. In addition, installing and removing tarps is easy as well. Many clients prefer using our tarps because they prevent hot air or cold air from flowing through their facilities. This very feature highlights why farmers use our tarps in their livestock shade structures.