Upgrading a Warehouse With Wall Dividers

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2020-07-09

Warehouse wall dividers are made from premium quality fabrics and they come into use in warehouses as a partition system and enclosure for dust and air control. Manufacturers are able to customize warehouse wall dividers to cater to the owner’s needs. It is common for dividers to incorporate vision panels and flaps for accessibility and also come with velcro attachments on edges for ease of use.  Often farmers utilize wall dividers with other industrial tarpaulins to further synergize with whatever systems are functioning in the warehouse such as poultry systems and equipment relating to that. Additionally, a feature that comes with many warehouse wall dividers is the ability to contain and control sound through acoustic paneling.  Another key feature that comes with warehouse wall dividers is the strength that comes with the tarpaulin that is minimally stitched to ensure durability and an extended product lifetime. It should be a priority to pick a manufacturer that utilizes quality and up to date welding equipment to make their products, be aware of cheap options that over stitch their products as these dividers will be significantly weaker.

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