What Are Shade Sails?

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2016-07-14

Shade sails are outdoor structures (pretty much like shelter covers) that are used to provide shade to certain areas of a residential and commercial property.

•Design – Although the most common design you’ll see are the triangular ones, square shaped tarps are now also being used for the same purpose. In addition, many business establishments usually use square tarps with triangular ones in order to create a more aesthetically appealing overall design.

•Components – Shade sail structures are composed of several items, namely the sail (or fabric), anchoring materials and the anchor posts. The choice of fabric is very important because this is what offers protection not only from the sun but also from its ultra violet rays. In addition, there are many different types of anchoring materials – from chains to ‘D’ shackles to turnbuckles and even ropes. The shade sail fabric is stretched to connect the ends of the tarp to the poles, unlike pig shelters or cattle shade structures where the fabric is stretched over the frames.

•Installation – Shade sails are considered as permanent structures in general, although they can be easily taken down when the need arises, like in the case of strong winds and storms for instance. However, they are as easy to put up as well even without the help of a handyman or professional shade sail manufacturer or installer.