Piggery Products

Polytex is a specialist manufacturer of welded fabric products supplying specialised requirements for specific piggery industry needs. The name Polytex has gained momentum for its ability to produce custom designed Eco Shelter Covers. Polytex has successfully catered to the manufacture and supply of many various methods of design. Polytex innovation in covers has allowed installers to cut down their install times and provide for easier tensioning of covers. Polytex has worked alongside many of their long time partner’s in the industry to continually innovate and manufacture various techniques and piggery products. Representatives are available for discussions regarding all fabric items including Eco Shelter Covers, Piggery Blinds, Thermal Covers, Stock Drafting Curtains, Air Baffle Curtains, Ventilation Tubes and more. Polytex provide quality products with fast guaranteed supply times to ensure the ultimate protection of your investment in prime stock. Clients have proven Polytex’s ability to respond quickly to manufacture & deliver products at short notice. Polytex uses ‘state of the art’ manufacturing procedures in their purpose built factories based in Riverina NSW, the hub of Australian freight between Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane. This allows Polytex to serve the piggery industry from South Australia to Queensland and everywhere in between efficiently and promptly with the required products.