Poultry Supplies Australia Checklist When Starting A Poultry Farm

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2018-07-19

Are you about to start a poultry farm? Before you purchase the initial batch of layers and boilers, perhaps you should take into consideration the needed supplies to keep this poultry farm up and running smoothly. Check below the poultry supplies Australia checklist for starters setting a poultry farm.


When setting up a poultry farm the feeding facility should be carefully planned ahead of time. See to it the feeders are sufficient enough to feed a huge number of birds. If you will purchase the feeding equipment units from a reputable poultry supplies Australia company don’t forget to give a rough estimate of the number of birds you will stock, plus specifying how many will use the bell drinker and/or tube feeder.

Tarpaulin products

Tarps will play a major role in the protective covering and temporary shelters of your birds. For example, if your newly built poultry shelters have opening on both sides having quick access to durable tarpaulin will ensure the birds are kept dry when raining.

Chicken boxes

The chicken boxes are designed for the laying birds. Each chicken box is designed with deep litter where the eggs can roll straight to egg trays. The purpose of chicken boxes is to prevent the laying birds from trampling on their eggs.


This is one of the vital supplies that you should never miss when placing orders at the poultry supplies Australia representative the feeds that will feed your birds.  You have the option to buy raw feeds or commercially produced that have mixture of wheat and maize.

Fly tray

The presence of flies flying around in any poultry farm is a common issue among poultry farm owners. If your goal is lessen the number of flies invest on fly trap equipment. This equipment is proven effective in controlling flies inside poultry farms.

Egg tray

Another equipment unit that you need to invest when starting a poultry farm is the egg tray. Its usage is to serve as a tray for newly laid eggs intended for sampling. If you don’t have any idea on pricing of egg tray equipment units sold at the poultry supplies Australia, talk to an expert poultry farmer and get some recommendations.

Incubator controller

Among the basic equipment units that should be present in any poultry farm, whether you are a starter poultry farm owner or been in the industry for a long time is the incubator controller. Again, for proper selection on the type and brand of incubator controller to purchase consult any of the poultry supplies Australia representative for guidance. The incubator controller is generally used to control the incubator and timer counter. This equipment provides the present temperature and humidity of the incubator.

Ventilation fan

To ensure your birds reach their ideal healthy condition proper ventilation system must be applied in any poultry farm environment. Every poultry farm owner must have enough ventilation fan unit to provide quality air flow during hot weather conditions.

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